Return of the Burning Plague

== Chapter 2 == From the perspective of Ishal (lvl 2 changeling assassin)

Yuriel left our party, having ended the plague. Maybe murdering the “innocent” Kobalds was against his morals, because he said he had to pursue the path of good, and that his job here was done. Before his footsteps could disappear down the tunnel two figures emerged.
The first introduced himself as Storm, and he was a human Barbarian. The other… man… was a metal monstrosity named Triton. Triton was an artificer, but I had never seen anything like him before. Supposedly he was a Warforged, but I was more content to call him “metal man”.
After setting some ground rules concerning loot we moved on, aiming to get through the narrow gulley from earlier. Once through, we found ourselves at an ancient door, with a combination lock. Strangely, the runes we had taken from the shaman seemed to correspond, and although I almost got the key right, Ythera and Kholar sensed getting the puzzle wrong may lock the door permanently or worse.
We decided to go back to town to collect our quest bounty and inquire about the runes. Randolph, in the library should have known something. First we went for the bounty though. Always get the money first. Samuel was healthy once more, and had our 110gp each ready. However, I figured he was richer than he was letting on (because of the silver mines), and bluffed, telling him he promised 160gp each. He denied such a thing, but I managed to get away with it, blaming his memory loss on the plague.
Samuel sighed and had a large sack of money ready, but a thief swiped it and metal man detected it. The chase was short lived, and we turned the thief over to the authorities. Before she was taken away we learned that the thief’s was stealing to try and gain entry into the thieves guild in Mulhorana.
The thief was locked in the barracks, and the lieutenant met us there. He noticed Kholar carrying the commander’s sword, but was assuaged when I gave him the commander’s dogtags and told him we honoured his memory.
We also learned that trade caravans were disappearing on their way to Mulhorana, and we decided to go that way after dealing with the runes in the mine. We thought it best to stay at the inn overnight. After procuring a room a slipped away with two pints, saying I was going for a stroll. Instead I went back to the barracks.
I gave the lieutenant one of the beers and whilst he was distracted I swiped the prison key. Walking over, I flicked it into the thief’s face. She was shocked, and asked why, and I replied “everyone deserves a second chance”.

We set off for the mine in the morning, encountering little, and got to the gulley with the water flowing beneath it. Everybody squeezed through and, with the notes Randolph had given us, we opened the Tiefling door.
Beyond lay a series of traps, which the members trained in arcana did well to detect. We encountered an apparition in a large room, and when we killed it it split into two apparitions. It was a swift decision to ignore the enemy so we could detect and disarm the various crystal focuses built into the walls.
Ythera detected that the beams we had disarmed left a void, and so killing the apparitions in the void would stop them from splitting. Storm accidentally sliced another one in half before we figured this out, defending himself, but it was no issue to kill off the enemies once we understood the mechanism.
We explored the three exits to the main room, but only found one way which bore treasure. It was inside a room and surrounded by acid. Ythera scooped up some of the acid and I tried to and failed. Kholar managed to get across the moat of acid after Ythera reduced the flow by using ghost hand on the lever puzzle.
Inside the chest Kholar found a third of a spear, arcana showing it to have sentience. With the spear safely stowed we left the mine and headed back to the town. We didn’t stay long at the town, moving south towards Mulhorana.
On the way we found a pack of wolves, and maybe I was hasty but I charged at them. Wolf murder aside, we picked up on sounds coming from near the river whilst we were tracking the missing caravans.

I opted (against advisement) to try and infiltrate the troglodytes. This time I disguised myself as a wounded trogoldytes, and the three troglodytes fell for it. Unfortunately they carried me away, to their leader, who decided to kill me. I was forced to fight my way out without backup, the group moving in from the river. The barbarian managed to get to me to help me out, whilst Ythera went down the middle and the Genasi and Warforged walked into the river itself.
Unfortunately, the latter went too deep into the river and couldn’t get out for some time, but was able to confuse the enemy by throwing an acid bomb out of the river, causing damage.
We pushed back the enemy on all sides, and eventually slayed the Albino Troglodyte, scattering his forces. One got away when Ythera pushed him into the river, and the last two surrendered. We promised (I bluffed) not to kill them in exchange for information.
The troglodyte prisoners told us the loot was behind the waterfall and that the attacks would stop because the albino leader was dead. Happy, we surged in to deal the killing blow to both prisoners, leaving none alive. Unfortunately the troglodyte that had swam down the river escaped.
Inside the cave behind the waterfall we found a huge haul of loot, and pondered upon what to do with so much riches and value. More importantly, we wondered who to tell about the caravans, as it was only a boy who had told us of the caravan attacks.

Quest Log
- Discover the fate of the missing miners COMPLETE
- Discover the source of the mysterious disease COMPLETE
- Find a cure or otherwise put a stop to it COMPLETE
- Stop the thief! COMPLETE
- Find out who was attacking the trade caravans
- Discover the mystery of the ancient broken spear

Return of the Burning Plague

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