Blackdale, Humble Beginnings

== Chapter 1 ==

Yuriel, Kholar and Ythera were first on the scene however after arriving at Blackdale the group were immediately concerned about the lack of activity, it was an eerie ghost town. Then they saw a strange figure, it was a changeling known as Ishal. When questioned by the group why he was here, Ishal responded with a convincing lie that he didn’t know.

Yuriel then explained to the Assassin that they were here because of a note from the Governor, Samuel Duran. Assuming that Samuel would most likely be in the council halls, they investigated there first, and seeing a slightly opened door, the group cautiously agreed to send the changeling in first (stealthily of course). He opted to shapeshift into the face of Ythera, his reason being, if he did something bad someone else would get blamed.

Upon finding a coughing old man, he called for the rest of the group to come in, and Samuel welcome them in and immediately warned them of the plague and told them they must travel to the mines and find out what happened to the missing soldiers sent there, find a cure for the plague and save the village.

He offered 100gp to each if the plague was cured, which was increased to a whopping 110gp each thanks to Ishal’s and Ythera’s social skills. Happy with this amount, the group left the Governor in his plague-ridden state and they discussed amongst themselves where they should go next, provided with a town map and regional map from the Governor, even though he told them they must set off immediately they decided to investigate the town, and the skilled Swordmage soon found that the small dales water supply had been cursed magically somehow.

With some good reasoning they concluded that the river next to the mines could be the reason for the plague, and so, rather than heading out in haste to stop the plague’s source, they decided it would be wise to check the closed shoppe, the chapel, the inn , the library and the housing district, while meeting some interestingly noteworthy characters such as Higheh, the number rambling drunkard, Leona the attractive young lady of the cloth, they didn’t find the infamous artist known as Mike Rosoft.

So, finally the band of heroes decided to promptly head to the mines, on the approach they found a dying man at the entrance to the mines, who struggled with his speech as he was close to death, Yuriel attempted to heal him but the plague and battle seemed to have taken it’s toll on him, he was only able to warn them of Kobolds before dying in burning pain. Ishal decided to pay the man honour by finding his ole’dog tags and arranging the body in honour with his sword thrust into the ground and his tags placed round it. During this time Kholar and Ythera sensed that the sword was magical and decided to give Kholar the sword.
Moving on deep into the minecaves, the mage felt cramped and when they reached an obstacle commonly known as a minecart, on its side, they faced their enemy at last, Kobolds! Quickly dispatching them even with some dodgy acrobatics from some members, the group moved on more and more into darkness, until the mage decided to use his skills to relight torches that had been snuffed by someone.

The next room, the mess hall, the changeling decided to morph into a Kobold to try and bluff the enemy to thinking he was an ally, although, he could not understand a single word of draconic, and when questioned “what’s the password?” he only heard gibberish and assumed it would be wise to get the surprise now rather than risk exposing himself. Combat began and the fight was going well, but could the tables be turned with reinforcements from the pantry? Sneaky kobolds threw flour providing cover for their allies, and one of them used an alchemist fire potion to detonate some flour creating a more intense explosion, which hurt the group slightly but the fire resistant Ythera seemed to shrug of the attack.
Just when things calmed down the group moved further and deeper, not noticing a giant boulder trap above them, and setting it off. Needless to say, the boulder had initiative over adventurers. knocking them into more trouble, slingers on a ledge above a glowing mushroom cavern. “Ah-ha!” Ishal using some sort of grappling hook skill grabbing the Kobold archer, dealing damage and bringing him under the attention of Kholar’s Aegis shield. Yuriel, decided he wanted to get up and personal with the rest of the Kobolds, so he decided to climb a slimy 10ft tall ledge to flank them, and it was a good plan, if it wasn’t for gluepots slung from his nearest foe, locking his feet in place with a sticky substance.
After clean up of the massacre, there was two routes to go, up to the noises of Kobolds or further down the mines, Ishal, mentioning to the other members of the group it would be a good team building exercise to go fight the Kobolds, and it would be a good ‘experience’ for them all, they decided to check out the Kobold lair.
Trapped, the leader of the Kobolds, tending to his wounded, most of them helpless from the plague, didn’t speak much common but attempted to tell the intruders to leave, but Ishal pointed out to Yuriel that they would just heal up and kill more miners, its best to just kill them. So they did. Moral dilemma sorted.

Another fork in the road so to speak, was a 3foot wide gap that would require them to squeeze through and a long vile smelly tunnel, full of stench and darkness.
Further into the mines, they fought against some tough undead in some sort of pit, but no one could work out why it was here, seemingly content with precious gemstones, instead, they went back to the kobolds lair to get some kip, since they were pretty tired. After all – the assassin must have been exhausted and constantly getting bashed then healed.

Feeling refreshed and fresh as a daisy, (except they just slept in a smelly kobold lair) they moved on past the skeleton undead pit and came across Hobgoblin Shaman Warcaster, 2 Hobgoblin soldiers and 2 Hobgoblin archers. Inside this ‘room’ was a pool of water that glowed with an unnatural glow. could this be the source of the plague? The heroes would have to use some of their most powerful abilities here as this was their greatest challenge yet, even with dropping the leader fast with the wizard/swordmage combo, the group still struggled with the high armour of hobgoblins in formation, and archer’s landing attacks seemingly boosting the range attacks of their allies. It wasn’t long before Ishal and Ythera feel unconscious from the high damage, and the swordmage almost was downed too if it wasn’t for a lucky interrupt on a ranged attack from a bloodied archer, killing the archer and negating the attack. Fortunately the warlord, Yuriel, healed his comrades to fight again, and the swordmage marked them down. In the end, the final blow was struck and the group cheered with joy. A magical item was found at the bottom of the pool.

· Discover the fate of the missing miners (100XP)
· Discover the source of the mysterious disease(100XP)
· Find a cure or otherwise put a stop to it (150XP,110gp)

Blackdale, Humble Beginnings

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