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Relics of Ruin

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== News ==

Lack of turn ups:
Since there was a lack of people turning up for last week, I had the player who showed up enter a dreamworld state induced by the legendary spear fragment, which explored the history of the item.

== Lore so far ==

The hellish masters of Bael Turath once held control of large portions of the world—both above and below the surface. Their enemies shuddered at rumours of extraplanar holdings that dwarfed even their sprawling empire in the world.

Bael Turath rose to power when the empire of Arkhosia was at its peak, and it was inevitable that the upstart empire would come into conflict with the dragonborn. The war that erupted when these two fearsome powers careened into each other engulfed the entire world. Dragonborn surged into the borders of Bael Turath by the thousands, and the wings of their masters darkened the sky.

Attendees ==

Ishal Ythera

== Chapter 2 == Written by Ythera

A noise is heard and part of the group awakens, Ythera and Ishal. A voice bellows “Are you worthy?” within the minds of the two adventurers. Giving each other puzzling looks they respond, yes. The rest of the Black Dawn Ltd members

disappear while still asleep. The waterfall cave then fades and phases into the void until the pair are stood in nothingness itself with a floating spear.

“I am the shattered spear of Myrdroon
, Spear of the Skylord” the spear hovered above the ground, its haft black as a starless night sky, and its blade white as pure clouds. It stood twice the height of the human mage and began the question the worthiness

of the adventurers. Ythera took the spear to hand and the void transformed into a corridor. the spear suggested to them that they were in a ‘flashback’ of an event that happened in the great War of Ruin from centuries ago. The mighty empire of Arkhosia locked in a great conflict with Bael Turath, the Tiefling empire.

Walking forward through the corridor the pair encountered a Drow Arachnomancer wielding a golden shining bow who reacted to their presence with a hiss and called forth a spider before retreating deeper into the corridor.
Ishal ran at the spider only to be halted by 4 spiderlings landing from above attacking him with a vicious poison which got worse the more they attacked. They defeated the spiders but Ishal proved to be far too squishy and soon ran out

of heals becoming wounded from the gauntlet of battles they then heard the sound of a creature shrieking in pain in the distance.

The sentience of the spearshard chastised them for the inability to make haste while Ythera tried to explain it just wasn’t possible for the two of them to go from fight to fight without a recuperation. It then implanted the knowledge that in this world, it would aid them and that if they were

to fall in battle they would be defibrillated back to life with the power of its lightning.

Upon reaching the end of the corridor it turned into a plateau. At the edge of the plateau was the Drow Arachnomancer with a menacing earth elemental beside her. On the left and right were two large cages inside which were two young

bronze dragon, also guarded by small earth elemental gravelshards. These dragons were chained and muzzled and the Drow immediately began assaulting one of them with venomous accuracy.

Ishal, though severally wounded, decided to rush for the cage with the slightly wounded dragon in an attempt to free it. Initially failing to get past the cage he was quickly surrounded by the gravels and the larger earth elemental. The

series of attacks was enough to finish Ishal, knocking him unconscious, however lightning immediately arced from the spear jolting the changeling back to life, albeit not by much.
Sensing things getting desperate and working out the earth elemental had brittle skin which was weak to the power of lightning, Ythera used the spear in her hand and threw it at the ground amidst the battle. The spear hit the ground in a

massive lightning burst, which actually included the other dragon. Though dealing minimal damage to the elementals do to her poor strength, the dragon was thankfully resistant to such low lightning damage.

Ishal then managed to shadow step inside the cage and free one of the dragons from it’s muzzle while Ythera cleared up most of the minions. The dragon aided in the battle best it could by biting at the elemental with it’s still brittle

skin. Ythera then managed to charm the elemental and deliver a crushing blow to the Drow effectively killing her in one colossus smash.

The lone earth elemental was quickly finished with the combined effort of the pair and the freed dragon. After releasing the other dragon they saw the spear and introduced themselves as Draxan & Altara and asked for the aid of the Skylord. Though affirming they were not skylords they did agree to help the dragons and so they mounted a dragon each and flew off to battle.

They eventually came across a keep under siege from a large black dragon and flew in to defend it. The black dragon spotted the newcomers and proceeded to use its powerful breath attack which immobilised both dragons and poisoned them

with acid. Ishal & Altara retaliated by targeting it for death and lightning breath attacks, with Ythera & Draxan following up with another lightning breath and an attempt to put it to sleep.

The black dragon shook off the attacks with ease but was hit with a barrage from the keep’s four catapults. Torn in a assault from all sides with lightning breaths, catapults, Ishal’s assassin shrouds and Ythera’s hypnotism the fight was

beginning to favor the Black Dawn, albeit slowly and at the cost of much of Altara’s health, the black dragon realised the lost cause and attempted to flee but was halted by the combination of control powers the heroes had. The black

dragon tried to finish what it had to come to do and destroy the keep but in vain, a last bombardment of attacks finished the job with a magic missile.

The heroes were then once again transported to a void like room with an image of a strange tiefling wizard named Karavakos, behind him lay scenes of death and destruction.

It seemed the Spear was telling them something.

The heroes awoke within the waterfall cave where they had started. The lone broken piece of the mighty spear was in Ythera’s hand and it

with the combination of her arcana skill and the increased concordance of Moradin she was gently encouraged through the subtle yet somewhat telepathic will to find the other pieces located somewhere in Mulhorana and Vor Kragal.

Quest Log
– Find out who was attacking the trade caravans
– Discover the mystery of the ancient broken spear

A Glimpse into the past

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